About Us

An original formation innovating Czech brass music tradition and to make it accessible to a broader audience with young and modern approach. HarMálek Orchestra was estabilished in 2016 and is comprised of professional musicians with experience across various genres in the Czech music scene with bands such as: Sexy Dancers, Top Dream Company, Marek Ztracený and Pražská komorní filharmonie.

The group also visited Belegrad and shot their first music video during their stay. They were invited to perform at the infamous Guča festival in Serbia. Last time playing on the main stage accompanied by Boban and Marek Markovic and Goran Bregovic. Their live album “Live session from Sono Records” was recorded in 2021 and includes their current repertoire.

‚We aren’t affraid of anything and we are open to every new thing. We have to take care to preserve the identity of the Czech music that has been developing for decades and deserves our respect‘ says the frontman Petr Harmáček.


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